About slimCODE

slimCODE Software Inc. was founded by Martin Plante in 2006. Its main mission is to develop end user mobile software for managing their finance and life.

Contact us

We love to hear from you, and are eagerly waiting for feedback about our software and web site. We have special devices in our pillow informing us with a gentle buzz every time a new email arrives. Our office's lights flash on and off for 30 seconds for every reply we receive on Twitter. As for a phone number, are you crazy? We have our privacy! (or not enough money to afford an automated answering system redirecting you to voicemail).



About Martin Plante

I have been coding for more than 26 years now. It all started at 14 on a Vic-20. A few months later, BASIC programs I made could not fit in the whopping 3.8kb memory. The rest is not really important, isn't it? The ending? It's a happy one with C# and .NET, and no, I don't miss those years on C++ and COM.

You can read my company blog where I write about my experience starting a small ISV. If you know French or want to learn it, you can also read my personal blog.