slimPASSWORDS allows you to bring your password list with you, on your Windows Mobile device, when you're on the go. Using strong AES 256-bit encryption to secure your precious information, you can quickly search for password entries using a few letters of their category or title, edit and create new entries, generating new random passwords on demand. You can quickly view or copy in the clipboard the username, email or password, so you can paste it in another mobile application, or type that information when using other computers. For those mobile applications that do not support pasting, you can open a floating popup window that stays on top while you type in your password. Password entries can have an URL associated with them, for quickly opening your favorite web sites that require credentials.

Password Store files (*.skps) created by slimPASSWORDS are compatible with slimKEYS password files used by the slimLAUNCH.Passwords extension. You can share your passwords between your Windows desktop computer and your mobile device!

version 1.2

slimPASSWORDS - Edit your password entries slimPASSWORDS - View password entries and their information slimPASSWORDS - Generate new passwords slimPASSWORDS - Search your password list with a few keystrokes slimPASSWORDS - Load your password store file using your main password slimPASSWORDS - Many configurable options slimPASSWORDS - Copy and paste your password, or type it in for those apps not supporting paste


A version of slimPASSWORDS for Windows Phone 7 is in development.